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                Clan Crests, Tartans, Coat of Arms & Badge 


                                                             Macneil of Barra                                                                                             McNeill of Colonsay



              Macneil of Barra                             Macneil of Barra                                  McNeill of Colonsay                           McNeill of Colonsay
                       Ancient                                               Modern (Brighter)                                                               Ancient                                                         Modern (Brighter)              
                                                                                                                              Clan Crest                                                                                                            




                                       Upper Left:    Lion Rampant (mimicking the Royal Standar of the King of Scotland)
                                       Upper Right:  Castle in the Water (Kisimul Castle in Castlebay, Isle of Barra)
                                       Lower Left:    3-masted ship (represents either sea-faring natue of Clan or migration of the Clan from Ulser, Ireland to Barra, Scotland)
                                       Lower Right:  Red Hand of Ulster (Ireland) surrounded by nine shackles representing Niall of the Nine Hostages)


                                                                                       Original Clan Plant Badge attributed to our Clan was the Dryas